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The Gioi (World) Publishers on Wednesday, Jan 30, issued a new book entitled Arts of Viet Nam 1009-1945, the first history to be published in English of the development of the arts throughout Viet Nam.

Arts of Viet Nam 1009-1945, Asian and Chinese arts, history of art

Hidden charm: The newly released Arts of Viet Nam 1009-1945 chronicles the development of the arts throughout Viet Nam.

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Australian author Kerry Nguyen-Long said the book gave voice to the work of Vietnamese scholars which has long been "locked away" in,

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Nguyen-Long said she drew on decades of research as well as recent discoveries of artifacts, records in family genealogies, and historical accounts.

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"For many years, I was disheartened by the short information and cursory remarks on Vietnamese art in many applications around the world," she said. "In some ways, Vietnamese art is denied or considered as a part of Asian and Chinese arts."

Nguyen-Long said she nearly cried when she read false or inadequate information on Vietnamese art which may have diverted readers' attention from Vietnamese art altogether.

It wasn't worthy of the thousands-year history of art in Viet Nam, she said.

"I wanted to contribute to raising an equal and unprejudiced discussion on Vietnamese art. That's my motivation and the reason why I choose the period of feudalism in Viet Nam to research."

With over 300 illustrations, the publication fills the need for a book on a long-neglected subject and cuts across entrenched and outdated views. Most of the photos in the book were taken by the author's husband, Nguyen Kim Long, who also travelled to many places to collect materials and helped his wife translate as she knew little Vietnamese.

The book introduces major categories of the arts from architecture to painting,, Vietnamese translation, Vietnamese translation / Nick Vujicic to talk with over 50,000 Vietnamese Vietnamese translation, According to the organizer, Nick Vujicic's schedule from May 22 to 26 is packed from 7 am until midnight. them in historical context, describes their features in each period, and explains why, alongside enduring continuities, new styles emerged while others were abandoned.

It also explains different craft techniques and sculptural styles in, Vietnamese translator, Vietnamese translator, Another Vietnamese blogger in the dock for abusing democratic freedoms Vietnamese translator / Pham Viet Dao, 61, a Vietnamese blogger, translator, writer, and former government official. periods, as well as esoteric symbolism and its evolution across the millennium, and responses to the introduction in the 20th century of the concept of fine arts.
English to Vietnamese translation, English to Vietnamese translation, Macbeth in Vietnam: toil and trouble for naught English to Vietnamese translation / The sound wasnt great; voices were sometimes hushed and the words and music muddled together. float:left">The author has a long connection with Viet Nam and has been writing on its arts for decades.
[Translation company - dichthuatnhatphuc -, Translate English to Vietnamese, Translate English to Vietnamese / Overseas Vietnamese translate biology textbook to help students at home Translate English to Vietnamese, A group of young Vietnamese people working and studying abroad are translating English books into Vietnamese 1999 she has been a contributing editor of the international bimonthly magazine Arts of Asia, published in Hong Kong, in which she writes on the arts of Viet Nam. Her work has also been featured in books, arts magazines, museum catalogues, and journals.

"The book is a great contribution to promoting Vietnamese identity," said The Gioi Publishers's director Tran Doan Lam. "With much information and many images, it proves that Viet Nam has its own art tradition which developed constantly over many centuries and that deserves to be recognised by world opinion."

The book was supported by the Australian Embassy as part of its programme to celebrate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Viet Nam.

Phillip Stonehouse, Australia's deputy ambassador to Viet Nam, said he realised at first sight that Arts of Viet Nam was a beautiful and important book.

"I came to Viet Nam 30 years ago and knew how hard the people lived," Stonehouse said. "But after 30 years, when I returned, I was so happy to realise that people have taken an interest in preserving and promoting culture. I believe that Kerry's book will play an important role in introducing Vietnamese art and culture to foreign countries."

The book is available at bookstores at a price of VND1.2 million (US$60).

Translator's memoir inspires readers to overcome adversity

A 34-year-old woman who has suffered from muscular dystrophy since she was a teenager has written a memoir entitled Khong Guc Nga (Never Collapse). Published by the Writers, SEO Saigon SEO Saigon, SOCIETY IN BRIEF 10/7 SEO Saigon / Heavy rain create havoc in Ha Giang Publishing House in-conjunction with the Tri Viet-First Co, the book hits stores today, Jan 8.

Turning a new page: Nguyen Bich Lan signs a copy of the book she translated Life Without Limits. The disabled woman will release her own, Vietnam commercial law Vietnam commercial law / BUSINESS IN BRIEF 3/12 Vietnam commercial law, Total taxes contributed by V1000 reached VND77,000 billion this year, 42% higher than last years level. Khong Guc Nga (Never Collapse) today.

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The volume recounts the struggles of Nguyen Bich Lan to overcome her own difficulties to find a profession as a translator and, Vietnam furniture stock Vietnam furniture stock / BUSINESS IN BRIEF 13/4 Vietnam furniture stock, This year there is possibility that export revenues can reach US$5.5 billion, an increase of nearly $41 billion compared to 2012. and become a useful member of society.

Born in 1976 in the northern province of Thai Binh, Lan was forced to leave school at the age of 14 due to her muscular dystrophy, a disorder that weakens the body and hampers locomotion. She decided to teach herself English and became so proficient that she became a professional translator in 2002. She has since translated 24 books, mostly novels, into Vietnamese.

Her translation of Slumdog Millionaire was granted the Literature Award for Translation by the Vietnamese Writers Association in 2010. Her latest translation, Life Without Limits by limbless writer Nick Vujicic, was published last month.

In addition to her memoir, Lan has also written poetry and short stories.

Lan's illness has weakened her heart and left her weighing only 30kg. She said she never had any intention to write her own memoir until she was convinced that her book could give some insights to others who "still grope their way in the dark of their destiny".

"Many people want to know how I self-study English and how I could survive when life challenges seemed to knock me out," she said. "Those questions helped me to start my memoir."

She spent two years completing the book even while translating two others and said she had the greatest difficulty writing about her own achievements.

"Although it is not easy to talk about my own successes, I understand that it is necessary. I want to prove that enduring will and patience can lead you to success."

Author Da Ngan called Lan "an extraordinary woman who has an extraordinary energy to overcome her disadvantaged situation to bring significance and meaning to her life as well as many others".

Italian rock band Lacuna Coil to perform in Vietnam

The famous Gothic Metal rock ban arrived in HCM City on July 18 to prepare for the performance on July 20.

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Members of Lacuna Coin at Tan San Nhat Airport.

Six members of Lacuna Coin were